Great Savings Right Now on NaturOli Soap Nuts!

Before Christmas I showed you this adorable Santa bag of NaturOli soap nuts.  Well, now that Christmas is behind us these bags are on a special discount!  You can grab 4 oz. of soap nuts (40 loads worth) for a bargain price of $6.95, which is $2.00 less than the regular 4 oz. bag just because it's in a holiday themed bag!  I'm going to snag a few at this bargain price while I still can.  At that price they won't last long so hurry if you want them! 

There are also lots of other holiday packaged sets that you can get at a good discount on right now, like this 8 oz. holiday tin of soap nuts.  At only $11.95 you get 80 loads!  I pay more than that for only 40 loads of 7th Generation or Method detergent, so this is a fabulous bargain! 

**  Be sure to create a profile before making a purchase with a user name and password so that you can begin accumluating points immediately!  For every dollar you spend you get a point which can later be applied towards purchases or shipping.  (100 points is worth $5.00.)  If you have not signed up though before completing your purchase you won't get to claim the points earned from your purchase! 
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