Green Cyber Monday Deals: Klean Kanteen 30% OFF!

For the outdoor enthusiast on your list you may want to head over to Amazon. They are offering Klean Kanteen stainless steel bottles at 30% off today!

Free Sample of Seventh Generation Dish Soap!


Seventh Generation is giving out samples of their dish soap for free. Just Login or sign up here to claim yours! If you haven't tried this stuff you should. It smells wonderful and does an excellent job of cleaning your dishes without nasty chemicals!
*Thanks MoneySavingMom for spreading the word!

Are Red Tides on the Rise?

In September of this year the entire Oregon coast was closed to all mussel and clam harvesting by the state Department of Agriculture. This came on the heels of a long summer closure and lays a heavy blow to the Oregon shellfish industry.

In October, Maine petitioned Congress for assistance for their clamming industry that has suffered significantly from coastal closures over the summer. Other 2009 US closures include Virginia, Maryland and Washington.

What's responsible for these closures? A risk of toxin contamination from red tides.

Red Tides, also known as Harmful Algae Blooms (HAB's), are blooms created by an overgrowth of a microscopic marine algae that can, given the right conditions, produce lethal nerve toxins. When fish absorb these toxins they are paralyzed and die. Fish-eating birds and humans are also at risk. Shellfish contaminated with these toxins will cause severe illness and even death if consumed.

Red Tides are natural occurrences that have been around as long as the algae who create them. However, scientists are concerned that toxic red tides are on the rise and occurring in waters where they never have before. Many scientists believe that this increase in HAB's can be linked to nutrient pollution (nutrient rich bi products of agriculture and waste treatment plants that make it to our waterways through runoff water).

The EPA ranks nutrient pollution, namely phosphorus and nitrogen
pollution, as one of the major causes of water degradation over the past ten
years. So why aren't they doing anything about it?

The Sierra Club has organized a petition to the EPA, asking them to preserve and protect our waters from nitrogen and phosphorus pollution. The request is simple:

• Establish water quality standards for nitrogen and phosphorus and;

• Establish limits on the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus that can be dumped into the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico

If nutrient pollution worries you, do something about it. Take action today! Tell the EPA to protect our waters from nitrogen and phosphorous pollution by following this link and signing the petition.

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil and Creamy Body Wash Reviews and Giveaway


Have you ever gone to a shopping mall the day after Christmas? The first thing you might notice is that every woman and girl is walking around in an aromatic cloud. It moves with them everywhere they go, leaving an invisible trail of perfume behind. It's like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown only clean. Perfumed body products are possibly one of the most popular gifts because what girl doesn't enjoy pampering herself with new smelly goodies?

The problem with all those pretty lotions and body washes is that most of them are full of not so pretty ingredients. Dangerous surfactants like the foaming agents Sodium Laryl Sulfate and Sodium Laurel Sulfate and the cleansing agent TEA-Lauryl Sulfate and other scary ingredients like PEGs, PPGs, synthetic dyes and fragrances, silicone, parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde abound.

Don't we deserve pamper products that are safe and pose no health risks?

Weleda thinks so. Which is why they continually produce fabulous body products that are all natural, cruelty free and don't contain any synthetic ingredients.

They recently sent me their newest products for me to try. Earlier this week I shared with you my addiction to their new Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream. Well, discovering the other two products in their pomegranate line was just as thrilling.

Lathering up with their Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash will make you feel like the Queen of Sheba. It feels more like a lotion on your skin and hydrates like one too. The exotic smells of the pomegranate (think energizing citrus meets soft floral) inspire strength and femininity. By the time I stepped out of the shower my skin was wonderfully clean without being dried out and I felt like I could conquer the world.
I followed it up with their Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil, massaging it into my skin. This oil is not greasy and has the same empowering fragrance as the hand cream and body wash. My skin drank it up and was left feeling supple and healthy.
The pomegranate and jojoba oils combine in this unique formula to detox the skin, protect it from free radicals and improve it's firmness while enhancing its natural ability to renew itself. According to studies, using this body oil twice a day for two weeks will accelerate natural skin renewal by 50%!
It's difficult to decide what I love most about these products, the smell or the results. They both are phenomenal. I do love how the aroma mixes nicely with my perfume, no matter which scent I choose for the day. Right now I am wearing Obsession a lot, and the two fragrances blend together to form a very unique and delicious aroma!

How Can You Get Your Hands On Some?

You can pick these items up at Whole Foods for a reasonable price. You can also purchase them directly through Weleda's website at $28 for the body oil and $18 for the body wash. The Pomegranate Gift Kit is a great way to try out the entire pomegranate line for only $18 and would also make a wonderful Christmas gift!

WIN THEM! Sorry, this giveaway is now closed. But don't forget to check out my other green giveaways!

Weleda is generously giving one lucky winner the entire Pomegranate Regenerating Body Care Line! The winner will receive one Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream, one Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil and one Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash!

Entering for your chance to win is easy. Just visit the Weleda's website and find another product (NOT a pomegranate product) that you would like to try. Then leave a comment on this post telling which product you like and your email address.

Additional Entries

You are entitled to one additional entry for each of the following:

*Sign up for Weleda's We Magazine (completely free and comes with fabulous coupons that never expire!)

*Become a Spots On My Apples blog follower.

*Subscribe to Spots On My Apples blog (Simply enter your email address in the box at the top of the page that says "Subscribe" and posts will be delivered straight to your inbox!)

*Blog about this giveaway and be sure to link back to this post!

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*Share about this giveaway on MySpace or Facebook and provide a link to this post!

***You must leave an additional comment for each entry. In the comment tell me what you did to earn the entry and give your email address.

This giveaway will close on December 2nd at 11:59 PM. The winner will be announced and contacted on December 3rd and must reply to my email by 11:59 PM December 5th or another winner will be chosen.

Good luck!

Exclusive Discount On Juara Skincare: Save Money With This Coupon Code!


You can save 10% on your entire order of Juara Skincare products by simply using coupon code SPECIAL10 at checkout. Also, Juara offers free shipping on orders over $75 and free samples with every order!

Coupon code good until 11/30, just in time for some early Christmas shopping.

Save 40% On Weleda Regenerating Pomegranate Hand Cream!

This hand cream is already pretty well priced at only $12.50 suggested retail, but I found a fabulous deal on Amazon that will save you 40%!

Click here to snag it for only $7.88 a tube! Of course you have to take shipping into account- $5.41 in this case. If you are only purchasing one you are better off driving to your nearest Target. But if you want to buy a few as gifts or to stock up, this is a fabulous deal!

Weleda Regenerating Pomegranate Hand Cream,size: Ea 1/1.7 Oz

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream Review


If you've read my blog much at all you've probably figured something out about me. I'm a product junky. I admit it and embrace it. I love new products. The contents of my handbag and bathroom shelves are ever changing. I love finding new creams, powders and potions to indulge in. I love using them and I love telling people about them, but the truth is that today's favorite will very likely be lost in the dark and dusty back recesses of my bathroom cabinet as the new products take the coveted front space.

It's not that I no longer like those "lost products". I just simply forget about them. Shiny new boxes and unsqueezed tubes turn me into a hyperactive child on Christmas morning. My husband will attest to the fact that I am often caught dancing around the house with a UPS delivery in my giddy hands, savoring the moment before my newest favorite is discovered.

But sometimes I come across a product that is unforgettable. One that very
likely could become an addiction and even blossom into a long term love affair.
Weleda's new Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream is just such a product.

Even though one morning application would keep my hands soft and supple throughout the day, I still insist on carrying the tube around with me and reapplying it obsessively. I even convinced my husband to try it, and though the aroma is sweet, slightly floral and wonderfully feminine, he continues to use it.

What is it that has me so taken? It could be the wonderful smell. A little fruity and a little citrus'y (classic Weleda) but also tinged with a soft floral smell that adds a delicate quality to it without overwhelming the senses. It smells so clean and fresh that I often catch myself cupping my hands over my nose and breathing it in. This has turned into a habit of second nature much like biting nails or playing with hair.

But this intoxicating aroma is only the pretty face of the hardworking super ingredients that make this cream so effective. While I'm absent-mindedly "smelling the roses", the healing qualities of pomegranate are busy at work renewing my skin's elasticity and reversing the early signs of aging that my dry skin has brought on prematurely. (I'm only 28 but looking at my hands you would probably guess early forties.)

The pomegranate was a favorite delicacy of the ancient Egyptians. Thousands of years ago they were harnessing the powers of this beautiful fruit to soothe sick stomachs, clear the body of roundworm (ugh!), and even used it's juice as an aphrodisiac. Today it is know to be capable of all these things and more!

Weleda uses organic pomegranates harvested in Turkey to infuse this cream with powerful antioxidants that protect and repair the skin from the damages of environmental toxins, rejuvenating the skin and enhancing its natural radiance.

This cream goes on smoothly and soaks deep into the skin to offer long lasting moisture and protection without being greasy.

I highly recommend it! The small 100% recyclable tube is perfect for tucking into your hand bag and would make an excellent stocking stuffer! You can purchase a tube of Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream directly from Weleda's site for $12.50 or from your local Target.

New Method Coupon Available!


As you all know, I love love love Method products! But what I love even more? Coupons for money OFF Method products! These are hard to come by which is why I get so excited about it. There's a new one available for print here. Just in time too because their new holiday scents have hit the shelves and they are delicious!

Finding New Green Products Can Be Simple Through Fresh Deals


Are you considering investing in a juicer? Wondering if steam washers are energy star rated? Want to price shop natural cosmetics?

A new site called Fresh Deals is making this process easier by combining the price shopping aspect of the common search engine with the personal and interactive qualities of a social networking site.
It's like shopping with a million friends who have tried everything!

Shoppers leave item specific questions that can be answered by any member. Rating a product is easy too. No lengthy process of choosing stars and writing reviews. Simply click on the thumbs up if you have tried the product and like it. As soon as you do the counter will increase by one for others to see.

I searched for eco strollers on this site and immediately came up with a selection and a list of competitive prices from various stores around the internet. (I had never even heard of Uppa Strollers before, but they are so cute!) What caught my eye next was something I wasn't shopping for and don't even need but now have to have- the Dante Beatrix Eco Stroller Tote!

The site is still new but will only get better as more people leave their feedback and ask and answer more product specific questions. Take a look around and if there is a product you have tried recently be sure to leave your feedback for others! And if you have a question about a product, ask away!

Be sure to check out the Deals! tab on the top right. This will bring up their best featured deals (that change constantly) and even let you search for specific products. I found some great bargains on Burts Bees products here!

If you find a good deal that you want to share with your friends, you can connect to your facebook account through the site! So cool.

Beware though- just like you can lose yourself in a good shopping mall and emerge five hours later not remembering where you parked, this site too will suck you into shopper's oblivion. I recommend setting some sort of timer! LOL

Another Week of Weleda!


I enjoyed our Week of Weleda so much last month that when Weleda gave me the chance to host another I jumped on it!

This week I will be reviewing products from Weleda's newest pomegranate line and they are amazing! I'll share information about each product along with my personal experiences, opinions and the sweet deals I've scrounged up.

Stick around because we'll wrap it all up with another fabulous giveaway!

Home Depot Pays You to Recycle Your Old Incandescent Christmas Lights!


Starting today, Home Depot will give you a $3 coupon per set of old Christmas lights you bring in. The coupon is good towards a new strand of LED lights. They'll give up to 5 coupons, so this is a good time to recycle those strands that no longer work and go green for less! During the promotion period (11/05-11/15) their LED lights are priced at only $5.97. That's just $2.97 after your coupon! What a great incentive to go green for the holidays!

Thanks MoneySavingMadness and Hip2Save for the heads up!

Today's Amazon Deals: Organic Makeup 55% Off!

They are running some amazing deals at Amazon on organic makeup right now. Here are a few of the most tempting deals I found:

Dr. Hauschka Cover Stick, Natural 01, .07-Ounce Box - Regular Price $21 On Sale for $9.99!

Orglamix Smoke & Mirrors Mineral Eye Color Kit - Reg. $26 On Sale for $12.00!

Honeybee Gardens Mascara Truly Natural - Regular Price $10 On Sale for $7.57

bareMinerals Free to BE Naturally Classic Kit 6 Pc Kit
Regularly Priced at $39.99 On Sale for only $26.99!

It's not too early to start shopping for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers- especially when the savings are this good! Don't forget that you can get free shipping from Amazon whenever your order is $50 or more! I am especially excited about the Bare Minerals kit- the makeup is fabulous and the kits make great gifts! If you want to snag one at this price you'd better hurry- there are only a few left. I'm off to shop some more. If I find any other great deals on natural products I'll be sure to pass them on. You do the same!

FREE Samples of Pristine Skin Care Products!


Go here and fill out a quick form to get your FREE Pristine Skin Care samples! Pristine Skin Care is an all natural, 4 in 1 skin care system for all skin types. Be sure to reply to the email to confirm shipment. Act fast while supplies last!

Thanks to IndiMoney and Hip2Save for sharing this great freebie!

Weleda Product Giveaway Winner

The random number generator at picked number 13, Jessica, as the lucky winner of the Weleda Giveaway! Jessica will receive a tube of Weleda Skin Food and a bottle of Weleda Cellulite Oil valued at $37.

Congratulations Jessica!