My Journey to the Greener Side of Life


I've always been a fan of loving the earth. In elementary school I was taught about recycling and cleaning up our beaches. And then science class would end and we would go enjoy a lunch of preservatives, dyes and pesticides.
Being a mom has opened my eyes to the flaws in our modern day thinking. We work so hard to keep pollutants from our streams and hazardous chemicals out of the oceans, yet the average person has no idea what the main ingredients of laundry detergent or dish washing liquid are. We think heating up a frozen lasagna is giving our family a home cooked meal and juice boxes are a healthy addition to our child's lunch box. The more my own eyes have been opened about such things the more I have grown to view modern conveniences with more scrutiny.
I find myself thinking, "How did Granny or her mother before her do this back in the day compared to how most people do it now?" More often than not the old fashioned way is the better option for our children and for our earth. Isn't it funny how the old way is suddenly the newest thing?
Old fashioned is making a comeback! And it's been a long time coming...


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