Finding New Green Products Can Be Simple Through Fresh Deals


Are you considering investing in a juicer? Wondering if steam washers are energy star rated? Want to price shop natural cosmetics?

A new site called Fresh Deals is making this process easier by combining the price shopping aspect of the common search engine with the personal and interactive qualities of a social networking site.
It's like shopping with a million friends who have tried everything!

Shoppers leave item specific questions that can be answered by any member. Rating a product is easy too. No lengthy process of choosing stars and writing reviews. Simply click on the thumbs up if you have tried the product and like it. As soon as you do the counter will increase by one for others to see.

I searched for eco strollers on this site and immediately came up with a selection and a list of competitive prices from various stores around the internet. (I had never even heard of Uppa Strollers before, but they are so cute!) What caught my eye next was something I wasn't shopping for and don't even need but now have to have- the Dante Beatrix Eco Stroller Tote!

The site is still new but will only get better as more people leave their feedback and ask and answer more product specific questions. Take a look around and if there is a product you have tried recently be sure to leave your feedback for others! And if you have a question about a product, ask away!

Be sure to check out the Deals! tab on the top right. This will bring up their best featured deals (that change constantly) and even let you search for specific products. I found some great bargains on Burts Bees products here!

If you find a good deal that you want to share with your friends, you can connect to your facebook account through the site! So cool.

Beware though- just like you can lose yourself in a good shopping mall and emerge five hours later not remembering where you parked, this site too will suck you into shopper's oblivion. I recommend setting some sort of timer! LOL


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