Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream Review


If you've read my blog much at all you've probably figured something out about me. I'm a product junky. I admit it and embrace it. I love new products. The contents of my handbag and bathroom shelves are ever changing. I love finding new creams, powders and potions to indulge in. I love using them and I love telling people about them, but the truth is that today's favorite will very likely be lost in the dark and dusty back recesses of my bathroom cabinet as the new products take the coveted front space.

It's not that I no longer like those "lost products". I just simply forget about them. Shiny new boxes and unsqueezed tubes turn me into a hyperactive child on Christmas morning. My husband will attest to the fact that I am often caught dancing around the house with a UPS delivery in my giddy hands, savoring the moment before my newest favorite is discovered.

But sometimes I come across a product that is unforgettable. One that very
likely could become an addiction and even blossom into a long term love affair.
Weleda's new Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream is just such a product.

Even though one morning application would keep my hands soft and supple throughout the day, I still insist on carrying the tube around with me and reapplying it obsessively. I even convinced my husband to try it, and though the aroma is sweet, slightly floral and wonderfully feminine, he continues to use it.

What is it that has me so taken? It could be the wonderful smell. A little fruity and a little citrus'y (classic Weleda) but also tinged with a soft floral smell that adds a delicate quality to it without overwhelming the senses. It smells so clean and fresh that I often catch myself cupping my hands over my nose and breathing it in. This has turned into a habit of second nature much like biting nails or playing with hair.

But this intoxicating aroma is only the pretty face of the hardworking super ingredients that make this cream so effective. While I'm absent-mindedly "smelling the roses", the healing qualities of pomegranate are busy at work renewing my skin's elasticity and reversing the early signs of aging that my dry skin has brought on prematurely. (I'm only 28 but looking at my hands you would probably guess early forties.)

The pomegranate was a favorite delicacy of the ancient Egyptians. Thousands of years ago they were harnessing the powers of this beautiful fruit to soothe sick stomachs, clear the body of roundworm (ugh!), and even used it's juice as an aphrodisiac. Today it is know to be capable of all these things and more!

Weleda uses organic pomegranates harvested in Turkey to infuse this cream with powerful antioxidants that protect and repair the skin from the damages of environmental toxins, rejuvenating the skin and enhancing its natural radiance.

This cream goes on smoothly and soaks deep into the skin to offer long lasting moisture and protection without being greasy.

I highly recommend it! The small 100% recyclable tube is perfect for tucking into your hand bag and would make an excellent stocking stuffer! You can purchase a tube of Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream directly from Weleda's site for $12.50 or from your local Target.


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