30 Thursday

It's Thursday again. I can't believe it! This week I have been doing a lot of frantic research on natural pest control. We are starting to see more roaches (all dead thankfully) and a few little spiders. I do not like crawly things and could be described as arachnophobic. When I lived in Tennessee I had to deal with an infestation of Brown Recluses in our house. I did not get much sleep during those months. I do not want that to happen in this house, so I am coming to terms with the idea that I will have to begin some sort of pest control regimen soon.

Now it's your chance to chime in. Please share your methods of pest control in a comment on this post. Whether they be preventative measures or alternative, non-toxic pesticides- I want to hear about them!

Usually you would receive an additional entry into current giveaways for your participation, but at the moment I have none running. When the next giveaway is posted, I will allow extra entries from all who participate today. And stay tuned- we have some fabulous ones coming up that I'm really excited about!


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