J.R. Watkins Natural Liquid Dish Soap Review

I hate doing the dishes. I know that does not make me unique. The monotony of unloading, scraping, rinsing, loading... it can be excruciating. However, sometimes I enjoy hand washing dishes. If I'm feeling overwhelmed or stressed (and don't want to empty the clean dishes from the washer) I'll pile the dirty dishes into the sink, turn on the tap, squirt in some soap and get lost in old fashioned bubble bliss. I stare out my window and get lost in my thoughts while I scrub a bristled brush over the plates and pots. To me the act is cathartic. And there is something so satisfying in seeing the finished product, tidy rows of clean dishes gleaming up from the dish rack on top of a newly scrubbed counter. I've gone from a stressed out, wired mess (think Joan Rivers meets Cruella de Vil) to Holly Homemaker- and yes, I even wear an apron.

I just tried a new dish soap that makes hand washing even more enjoyable. I've been a fan of J.R. Watkins natural body lotion (the lemon cream is delectable) for a couple of years now, so when I saw their line of Natural Home Care at Target I instantly grabbed the dish soap. For less than $6.00 I took home a 24 FL. OZ. bottle in the Aloe & Green Tea scent. I couldn't wait for a moment alone to slip into my apron and rubber gloves.

The cute, vintage apothecary packaging is a tribute to this company's extensive history. Started in 1868, J.R. Watkins offered natural products from the start. In 1888 they moved their operation to Minnesota where they still remain today as one of the state's largest employers.

I couldn't wait to smell the soap. All of J.R. Watkins body products always smell heavenly. I expected their home products to be no different and I was not disappointed. The Aloe & Green Tea is a subtle, natural and clean scent with a hint of sweetness. The aroma filled the air as the bubbles in my sink mounted. First up was a greasy pan I had fried some fish in. Messy and stinky- the perfect test for my new soap. The soap cut through the grease brilliantly and after a few scrubs the caked on fish and grease were released and rinsed away. The pan smelled fresh- not at all fishy! The soap also cleaned the red wine from my glasses without leaving behind a residue, and freed a spoon from a glob of half-dried peanut butter. The soap passed every test I threw it's way. However, when I turned to the sponge I was a bit disappointed. After squeezing soap directly onto my sponge, I found it very hard to completely rinse it off. The sponge retained the soap after many rinses, which was frustrating when it came time to wipe down my counter tops. It did eventually wash off, and now I know to just dip the sponge into the soapy water next time instead of applying the soap directly.

The ingredients are almost all natural (about 97%) and plant-based. There is no animal testing or animal ingredients. The soap is also free of Ammonia, Benzene, Boron, Butyl Cellosolve, Chlorine, Dye, Ether, Formaldehyde, Isopropanol, Kerosene, Mineral Spirits, Toxins, Perfumes, Petrochemicals, Phosphates, Phosphoric Acid, Propylene, SLS, and Sulfuric Acid! You would be amazed how many of those chemicals are found in many of the most popular dish soaps on your grocery store shelves!

With a solid, reputable history, effective natural ingredients, and recyclable packaging, I give this soap an A. If you choose to give it a try you won't be disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to know where 97% natural came from and what that is based on. They fail to mention the product contains SLES and artificial fragrance. Not the best choice . . . reach for the Seventh Generation, just across the shelf at Target.

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