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I always have issues with dry skin, but going into winter it gets even worse. Blown heat, heavy clothes and dry, cold air will escalate my skin problems from bad to worse. Areas that are dry and rough in the summer run the risk of cracking in the winter. Regular lotions don't do a thing for me. Oils and body butters help, but they tend to be greasy. Once my skin has made the transition from merely dry to rough or cracking, there are few products that can bring it back. Those that can contain synthetic ingredients that I don't relish putting on my body.
Last week I tried Weleda's Skin Food.
This ultra nourishing body cream is packed with powerful natural ingredients
like organic sunflower oil, an excellent source of vitamin E, and organic pansy
which contains antiseptic properties that will soothe cracked or irritated skin.
Perfect. I decided to try this super cream out on my biggest problem area- my heels.

Over the summer I had been maintaining my feet with regular exfoliation (using foot scrubs and my precious ped-egg) and moisturizing nightly with that yummy coconut body butter I told y'all about in May. Unfortunately, I fell down on the job and by late August my heels were so brittle that they were cracking and even bleeding a little on one foot! This made me worry about infection and so I stopped using any scrub or the ped-egg. They had never gotten so bad! Even the coconut butter wasn't helping at this stage. By late September they had healed but still very dry and rough- perfect candidates for my Skin Food trial.

When I applied this cream to my skin I immediately understood the name.
This "Skin Food" was like manna from heaven to my starving skin.
My skin soaked it up greedily and though still on the road to recovery, my heels instantly felt better. They weren't sore when I walked and they no longer felt like the skin would crack at the slightest pull. The cream is not oily so there was no greasy film left to collect dog hairs from my carpet when I walked. (This is a huge pet peeve of mine!) I got excited then and began applying to all my dry patches. My elbows and knees looked so much better without that ashy white and whithered look! They looked young and healthy.

I have continued to use the cream every day for the last week or so. I love it. It is a full body cream and can be used everywhere, but I am being selfish with it and saving it only for my most desperate areas. My feet are thanking me. They aren't perfect yet but they are so much better! They don't snag my socks anymore when I'm getting dressed in the morning which makes me much happier than it should.

I look forward to putting on the cream when I step out of the shower. The subtle citrus smell brightens my mood in the mornings and stays with me all day. I take the trial size with me in my purse and use it as a hand lotion throughout the day. It always makes me feel fresh and clean when I put it on and soothes my cracked cuticles and finger tips.
The packaging is earth friendly and recyclable. The aluminum tube keeps the cream cool and fresh and also makes it easier to squeeze out every last dollop! Weleda Skin Food is 100% natural, 100% effective and 100% addictive. I highly recommend it.
You can find Skin Food at Target for around $17.00 for a 2.5 oz. tube. If you don't mind waiting a few days, you can snag a tube from Amazon.com for only $10.45! (Click here) Weleda also offers great printable coupons to members of their website. Sign up for free here.
Here's another good deal on Amazon if you want to start out with a smaller tube.

All photos courtesy of Weleda.com


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