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This year has been a difficult one with my toddler. In August she began her first year in "school" which exposed her to every cold and flu virus out there. Her immune system was still untested and weak, so the poor little thing picked up everything that came her way. I try not to give her drugs if I can avoid it and there is little you can give a toddler for colds anyway. Coughs during the night were the worse because the hacking would wake her up repeatedly. One night at 3:30 am she awoke coughing and I climbed into bed next to her to try to soothe her back to sleep. She snuggled into my arms and whimpered, "Mommy please make the coughs not be here anymore." It was like a dagger through my heart. She was miserable and there was little I could do for her. Even so, I had my husband take my place and I headed up to Walgreens on a hunt for something to ease her cough.

I was quite a sight in my sweat pants and bed matted hair as I scoured the shelves for a cough syrup labeled 3 yrs. and up. Of course there were none. No homeopathic medicine either. I went home defeated with a bag of natural honey throat lozenges which she of course would not keep in her mouth. I gave her some honey on a spoon hoping that it would help and thanked God when she finally fell back to sleep at sunrise.

Two weeks after later I received a line of homeopathic cold medicines for children made by French company Boiron. I received Coldcalm Pellets for multi-symptom cold relief, Oscillococcinum for the treatment of flu-like symptoms, and Children's Chestal for coughs. It was a relief just knowing I had them and three weeks later when my daughter developed another nasty cough and cold I was ready.

At the onset of her cold symptoms I began her dosage of Coldcalm. I gave her the recommended 5 pellets to melt in her mouth every twenty minutes for the first hour. The pellets are small and sugary sweet. I had to continually remind her that they were not candy and not to crunch them. The process quickly turned into a game that, combined with the powers of Scooby Doo, distracted her from her stuffy head and sore throat. After the first hour we spread the dosage out to 5 pellets every two hours. Her cold didn't clear up immediately, but it did make a difference in the symptoms and she complained less about her throat and nose hurting. The cold was gone in a matter of days and never became too severe, which I credit to the Coldcalm and regular doses of vitamin C.

At nights I was also prepared should the hacking begin. On the second night it did. She woke up around midnight and couldn't stop coughing long enough to fall back asleep. I swooped in with a dose of Children's Chestal cough syrup. Its honey based formula contains only homeopathic ingredients and is completely safe for children 3 and older. It immediately coated and soothed her throat and she slept the rest of the night through with no interruptions.

From their humble beginnings in 1932 in Lyon, France Boiron has grown into the world leader of homeopathy with a presence in major countries around the world. They are one the main suppliers of homeopathic medicine to American consumers and physicians today. Their US headquarters in Pennsylvania also houses a state of the art manufacturing laboratory, fulfillment center and large warehouse and shipping operations.

Boiron sees their commitment to scientific homeopathy as the most "compassionate, ecological and comprehensive approach" and aim to teach physicians how to integrate it into their every day practice. They have received numerous recognitions and awards including the Vity Award which they won in 2009 for the 8th consecutive year.

It is reassuring to have innovative companies like them striving for natural solutions and as a mom I am glad to have them in my arsenal. I look forward to trying more of their products and highly recommend them!

Unlike other homeopathic brands, Boiron's products are very competitively priced. I have found them to be comparable to major over-the-counter cold and flue drugs like Vicks and Tylenol. Go here to find a store near you that carries the Boiron brand.

At those prices you may want to stock up. With more cold and flu months ahead of us you'll only be glad you did.


Lisa said...

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