NaturOli Soap Nuts Soap Bar

Last week I told you a bit about NaturOli and the little wonders called soap nuts. Until recently I had only used soap nuts to wash my clothes, but yesterday I took them into the shower with me in the form of a soap bar.

NaturOli has a wide range of beautiful, all natural soap bars, but the Soap Nuts Soap Bar is their newest. In addition to ground up soap nuts, the bars contain high quality natural ingredients like almond oil, coconut oil, mango butter and vitamin E. They are proud of their all natural ingredients and list them on the label in plain language for the consumer to see.
The rosemary and tea tree mix with the other ingredients to form a very fresh herbal smell that was vaguely familiar to me. As I lathered the soap bar onto my washcloth I racked my brain trying to put my finger on it. While marveling at the exfoliating effect of the soap nut grains it came to me. Thanksgiving turkey! Boy have I spent too much time in the kitchen lately or what? I'm a foodie, so it is natural that I link aromas to cuisine. Unfortunately it made for an odd shower experience. I enjoyed the soap. It lathered up nicely even without chemical sudsing agents and gave my a gentle exfoliation while infusing it with natural oils. But I couldn't help but feel like a turkey getting rubbed down for the oven.

The quality of this bar was really evident after the shower. I have reviewed many soaps and body washes lately, many of them very gentle and nurturing to my dry skin.
But I have to say hands down that this is the most moisturizing soap I have ever
I honestly did not feel the need to moisturize at all! Knowing the effects that blown heat has on my severely dry skin, I still chose to moisturize. But the soap nuts soap bar had already done the job! It reminded me of how my skin feels after having a massage and then washing off the oil.

Despite the roast turkey association, I used the soap again this morning and will again tomorrow. I love it! The rosemary is the culprit here. Though wonderfully fresh and fragrant, I will always connect this herb with dinner. I would love to try one of these bars with some of their other scents like the candy cane mint or the cinnamon, but until that can happen I will definitely continue to use this one. It will also make a perfect stocking stuffer for the man in my life who appreciates good soaps but is a bit burned out on lavender.

Check out NaturOli's complete line of soaps here if you are looking for green gifts this Christmas. Also, NaturOli's founder has a blog dedicated to the amazing soap nut that you may be interested in visiting. It's packed full of information and tips for harnessing the powers of this little wonder! He has also posted an article on the NaturOli site that will blow your mind. Read about the greatest marketing scam of the 20th century here! It will completely change the way you see your personal care products.
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