Free Recipe eBook from Food & Water Watch!


Earlier this year, Food and Water Watch held a fish recipe competition. Recipes were judged not just by taste, but also affordability, ease of preparation, and sustainability of ingredients! They assembled the winning recipes into a wonderful recipe book that they have called Fish & Tips on a Budget: The Frugal Fish Edition. All of the recipes look and sound delicious and none of them will cost more than $25 to prepare!

I love fish and appreciate the health benefits they offer, but I only really know one way to prepare it- under the grill. I always end up using simple pepper and lemon because that's all I know to use for seasoning! With this recipe book I can start spicing things up a bit. I can't wait to try the grand prize winning recipe, Spicy BBQ Tilapia with Herb-Roasted Potatoes and Southern Creamy Cole Slaw! Yum.

In addition to the fabulous recipes, this book also offers great tips on choosing the best fish and even offers alternatives if you cannot find a certain type of fish in your area. Download your FREE copy here and get cookin'!

Did you know that less than 2% of seafood in the US are inspected for contamination even though a large portion of fish on our market our harvested in foreign waters where health and environmental standards are low to non-existent? Luckily, Food and Water Watch has also assembled a handy guide to help us make the best decisions when purchasing our seafood. I was surprised at some of the fish that show up on their Dirty Dozen list- many of them I buy often like Orange Roughy, Atlantic Cod and Farm Raised Salmon! You can view or download The Smart Seafood Guide here.
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