Arnica Massage Oil Review and Deal Alert


I had such a wonderful weekend that I did not get a chance to post my last Weleda review. Saturday was spent celebrating my niece's 4th birthday. We painted pottery! It was so fun. (Happy birthday chicken!) And Sunday? Well... I admit. Sunday was a wonderfully overcast, misty cold day and all I wanted was to hole up in my house with my family, baking and watching tv. So that's exactly what I did. No work.

And so our week of Weleda has been extended by a day. I am okay with this. I love these products and now have a valid excuse to go on about them some more. Today I'm reviewing their Arnica Massage Oil.

My husband and I are not big on swapping massages. It's just not something we do really, but I got a chance to test this oil out on myself after a hard week of running. My legs were killing me! I couldn't walk or sit without feeling like they would collapse at any moment! So after my shower I popped the cap on the bottle, drizzled some of the oil over my aching thigh and got to work.

The smell of arnica has a medicinal quality to it but is also quite pleasant and soothing. It even opened up my sinuses a bit as I massaged my leg- an unexpected plus! This oil, like all of Weleda's products is not greasy! I expected it to be- it's massage oil right? But this stuff soaks into your skin, leaving the surface moist by not oily.

The arnica warmed the muscles as I massaged and helped them loosen and relax. The oil also contains rosemary and lavender which help the mind to relax and unwind. By the time I finished massaging both legs my muscles felt better, my senses calmed and my skin was left feeling nourished and supple.

If you are looking for a spa quality massage oil that is 100% pure and natural, I recommend giving this one a try. You can pick it up at Target for about $20.00 or you can order it for only $13.99 through

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