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When I saw Weleda's Birch Cellulite Oil in the store my mind instantly flashed to those ads in the back of beauty magazines. "Magical pill dissolves cellulite instantly." "Scrub away cellulite with Super Soap!" I always try to keep an open mind when trying a new product but I confess, I was already planning my critical review when I opened the box at home.

The seal on the cap popped as I twisted it off and I could immediately smell the birch and something citrussy. It was nice! My attitude changed as I filled my palm with a puddle of the oil. At the very least I would smell nice.

I massaged the oil into my upper thighs in circular motions as directed by the product literature. It was not as greasy as I expected and like the Skin Food, it soaked right into my skin.

The Results:
I repeated this process every morning and evening. I am not going to post before and after pictures because, trust me, nobody deserves to see that. But I can tell you that after only a few days I noticed a difference. Did it "melt away" my cellulite? No. But it is doing exactly what Weleda said it would. My skin is firmer and has a smoother appearance making my "wobbly bits" look a little tighter. I have only been using it for 11 days and will definitely continue to use it. I am also going to try it out on areas where my skin is a little "loose" like the under side of my arms and and what I call my "chicken wings." I don't have cellulite there, but I think this oil could make a difference.

I'm really excited about this product!
It is not a miracle worker. It is not going to make a fat
butt look skinny. But it will improve the texture and
appearance of your skin.
I've started running again to get back into shape. I look forward to seeing what this oil, a better diet, and running can do with my problem areas in a few months! I'll let you know. In the meantime, my experience so far is enough to earn my thumbs up. I recommend it if you have cellulite or loose skin that could use some firming up. And of course, like all Weleda products, this oil is ALL NATURAL.

You should be able to find this oil at your local Target for about $25.00. A bit pricey but I think the results are worth it, and it should last a while.

Online Deals:
If you don't mind waiting for it for a few days, you won't get a better price than this one at Amazon. This is a 58% savings!! I think I'm going to stock up. :)

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