If I Needed More Reasons to Love Target...

Target's ongoing commitment to the environment and the community is providing me with more and more reasons to love this store. (As if I needed more...)

Here's two of my latest and greatest reasons:

Target Offers Discounts to Customers Using Reusable Shopping Bags

Target now offers a discount of $.05 per bag at the register for customers that forgo the plastic Target bags and bring their own reusables. Most stores have already enacted this policy while others will be rolling it out this month. Check with your local store for details.

Recycle Your Batteries and Cell Phones to Benefit the Boys & Girls Club of America
In the past I have researched how to recycle my batteries. I go through so many with all these talking and singing toddler toys! All I could find were services that required me to pay for a special box to send in or something equally inconvenient and costly. Well, Target has stepped up yet again and is accepting used batteries for recycling at the Customer Service departments of their local stores. They are also accepting old cell phones. All proceeds will go to support The Boys & Girls Club of America!

With policies like these, am I now justified in feeling like a better person when I'm pushing that beautiful red cart?? I think so. :-)


Anonymous said...

I heard that they have a discount card to help people that are unemployed. That's another good reason to love them.

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