30 Seconds to Better Milk in Our School Lunch Rooms!


A few months ago I told you about the hormones in our dairy milk and the negative effects they bring in my post Got Hormones?. (Read post here!) In the post, I also spoke about the need for hormone free and organic milk in school cafeterias and urged you to sign a petition to Congress. Well, now it's time to pick up your phone. The Child Nutrition Act will go before Congress this year for reauthorization, so now is the time to begin contacting our representatives. A phone call will only take 30 seconds or so from your day and could make a huge difference to the health of our children!

Did you know that our milk is not accepted in many countries because it
contains growth hormones? Canada, Britain and others have long
acknowledged the dangers these hormones present and have taken action to protect
their citizens. The least Congress can do is make a move to protect
our children while in the care of the public schools.
Food & Water Watch has organized a call to action on their website. They give numbers and links, and have even provided a script for you to follow if you are among the many who avoid calling Congressional leaders because you don't know what to say. Take a moment and visit their page here and make your call. Every call to a Congressional office is recorded and counted, so your call really does count!

For additional reading, check out these handy fact sheets put out by Food & Water Watch:


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