I'm Back!


After a month of rest and recuperation, I am back and feeling so much better! I had surgery in August to fix some minor health problems that were getting me down. It's amazing how those small and seemingly insignificant health complaints can wreak such havoc on your body! But, thanks to my brilliant doctor and attentive husband, I'm good as new and ready to rejoin the world.

As a thank you for your patience I will be hosting a few giveaways over the next couple of weeks, starting with a yummy one tomorrow! You'll have to check back here tomorrow morning to find out what it is, but there will be TWO winners!

I will leave you this evening with National Geographic's picture of the day and a song that I think is fitting. It may take you back to your childhood and if it doesn't make you smile you may need to take a vacation.
Brown Bear Under Water

**Photograph by Randy Olson**


Anonymous said...

loved this! Can't wait to show it to my Kindergardener when he gets home from school. Thanks!

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