Mambo Sprouts Makes Saving on Natural & Green Products Easy!


I admit I have caught the coupon fever that is spreading rapidly around the country. With great blogs like Money Saving Mom that make it so easy to save SO much, how can I not get hooked?! I search the Red Plums out of every community paper that hits my sidewalk and even began purchasing the Sunday paper for the coupons. I have a hard time saving as much as the pros (like my sister Rebecca who constantly gets her dog food, cereal and body products for free and pays $.19 for a block of cheese) but I am managing to save about $45 on my Kroger visits. The challenge I face is finding coupons for natural, green, organic and gluten-free products. These items are the most expensive on my list and coupons for them are hard to come by.

But recently my sister turned me on to a great website called Mambo Sprouts. Membership is free and they offer coupons for natural and green products only! A selection of printable coupons is available online and three times a year they send out a coupon book in the mail. I get occasional email alerts to let me know when new coupons are available to print. If you can have these coupons on hand and combine them with store discounts and store coupons as they come, you'll be looking at some serious savings!

If you have a blog dedicated to helping people achieve incredible savings with coupons, feel free to leave your link below in Mr. Linky and share a good deal you've recently posted!


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