Take Action to Protect Roadless Areas in Our National Forests


Beautiful isn't it?

You can help keep it that way.

The Tongass National Forest in Alaska (pictured) as well as millions of acres of other national forests are in danger of losing their awe inspiring purity. In 2001 President Clinton put a "roadless rule" into effect that banned the construction of roads in areas of national forests that did not already have any roadways in place. This ban, which protected these roadless areas from logging, was reversed during the Bush presidency and has since been a source of much controversy.

President Obama has invited American citizens to submit their comments on how America's roadless areas should be handled. To make your voice heard, simply follow this link. The Sierra Club has created a template letter that you can personalize and send within a matter of minutes. If preserving our most pristine forests is a priority to you, take a moment now to submit your request.


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