Sun Crystals Review and Deal Alert


Anyone who begins a diet will quickly learn that sugar is a no-no. High sugar diets bring extra pounds and dreaded cellulite. This is a problem for me. Hi, my name is Beth... and I'm a sugarholic. I love sugar and sweet things. Sweet tea (true Southern sweet tea), chocolate, candy and sugary baked goods. I woke up this morning thinking about the jumbo bag of candy corn stashed in the cabinet above the refrigerator behind the flower vases. I had to have them. Just one. At least one to start my day off right. Then I would go running. And 7 1/2 candy corns later, I set out for my run smiling to myself.

I've learned to tame my cravings for the most part by completely cutting sugar out where it's not missed. Hot tea was a tough sell but I eventually began to prefer it without sugar. That's a good thing because I drink about four cups a day. Cold sweet tea I began to split and mix with regular tea- a tip I learned from my mom in the Chick-fil-A drive through line. (Thanks mom.)

Many choose to use artificial sweeteners as a way to have their cake and eat it too- guilt free.

Unfortunately, the negative effects of many of these sweeteners are just as
scary as the added cellulite you may achieve with sugar.
With the scariest risk being cancer, there are a slew of other more common side effects to worry about such as severe headaches, skin rashes, breathing difficulties and diarrhea.

So put down the aspartame and saccharin and reach for a new, ALL NATURAL alternative.

Sun Crystals is a new all natural sweetener that mixes pure cane sugar with stevia, a naturally sweet plant native to South America that has been used around the world for centuries, to create a delicious sweetener at only 5 calories per packet! To give it a try, I decided to indulge in my first sweetened cup of hot tea in over four years. The packets are small and I was doubtful that just one would bring much flavor, but I sprinkled the contents into my cup and stirred. The crystals are white and look just like regular table sugar. Turns out, it tastes like it too! I actually thought my tea was too sweet! Half the pack would have done the job.

I look forward to trying it in my lattes and over some strawberries, and at only 5 calories a pop and NO health risks, I can afford to. I highly recommend this product.

For those "try it before you buy it" readers, Sun Crystals will send you a free sample if you sign up at their website. Also, there was a $2 coupon in the recent Red Plum, which would leave a box costing only around $1.75. For those Texan readers, HEB has Sun Crystals on sale for only $1.99 until October 16th. Use your $2 coupon and you'll get it for free with a $.01 overage! If you missed the Red Plum coupon, there are printable coupons available here.



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