Discover the Forest with Your Kids

Did you know that children who play outside have lower stress levels than those that spend most of their time indoors? They also are shown to have more active imaginations, are fitter and leaner, have stronger immune systems, and have a greater respect for themselves and others. Overall they experience greater mental and physical health and emotional well being.

In today's modern world it is easy to forget the benefits of connecting with nature regularly. Many children are never encouraged to experience the outdoors. Tomorrow on National Get Outdoors Day, national parks and forests around the country will be hosting special events to introduce our children to nature. To find a park near you, your kid can visit This is a brilliant site that is sure to spark an interest in nature. It has a free printable book of things to do outside. Wouldn't it be a nice change to see your child forsake the Wii tomorrow to go make some leaf rubbings or investigate animal tracks?

It's not just the children that benefit either. Studies show that children who spend their youth years regularly connecting with nature grow up to be more environmentally conscious.

For more information on the Discover the Forest campaign and National Get Outdoors Day, you can visit or


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