Get Paid to Recycle

How many old cell phones do you have in the back of your drawers or closets? I have at least three. I never want to throw them away. It feels like such a waste, especially when they still work! Well, I've learned that there are tons of companies out there that want your old cell phones, and they will even pay you for them! Each site has different pay structures, and not all cell phones are worth money. However, I did a random search on one and saw several phones that would bring $70 and $80 dollars!

Why is it important to recycle cell phones?

Cell phones should never be thrown away! If your phone still works, it can be used by charities. If it doesn't, it still has great potential. When recycled, the phone will be analyzed for refurbishment potential. If possible, it will be repaired and given a new life. Otherwise, it will be disassembled and the parts will be repurposed or recycled.

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What to do before recycling your phone:

  • Obviously, make sure you no longer have service on that phone.

  • Before the battery dies, delete all of your contacts and other personal information.

  • Remove SIM card.

A few recycle for cash websites:

GRC Wireless Recycling Unlike some sites that only pay for certain models, this site pays for all cell phones.

Cell for Cash


Simply Sellular

eCycle Group Promises reliability and prompt payment.

Swagbucks A site that rewards you for using their search engine with "swagbucks" that you can trade in for prizes and gift cards. They will also give you swagbucks for your old cell phones. is another site that donates to reforestation projects. Thanks Alysa!


Alysa said... is another site to recycle electronics.

They donate to reforestation efforts and renewable energy every time someone completes a transaction.

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