What's Happening to My Cilantro?!

I recently told you about my organic herb garden. It's a new project of mine- a testing ground for the big project, my organic vegetable garden. Well, so far so good. For the most part, all is going well. My basil (most of it) is growing like crazy. My chives, dill and thyme are equally proliferous. But my cilantro? Not so much.

I have followed watering directions, moved it around to different spots for more or less sunlight, and done everything short of singing to it. It's gone completely limp and does not appear to be growing.

I have noticed that there are always gnats or some kind of tiny flying insect buzzing around. Then I noticed that there was this fungus popping up in all of my potted plants. The basil pot has even had a few mushrooms sprout up (which I immediately picked and discarded). I thought perhaps this was the problem, but as I said all the other plants are coming along swimmingly.

See the brownish white bits? I'm just at a loss. I plan on getting some worm poop from my dad this week. Maybe that would help? I'm desperate. I publicly announced my determination to develope a green thumb only last month. Losing my first plant already would be truly dreadful.

Any readers with green thumbs please help. Impart your organic gardening wisdom via comment and help me save the cilantro!


Maria D. said...

This same thing happened to me cilantro a couple months back. It actually died. :(

Try these tips though.


Beth @ Spots On My Apples said...

Thanks Maria! I'll check them out.

FattyPants said...

Looks like it has wet feet. Is the stem really soft and getting mushy? Whenever that happens to me I usually can't save it. Try letting it dry out for a few days but it might be better to start over. Sorry, I know it sucks.

Beth @ Spots On My Apples said...

It isn't mushy yet, but it seems to be getting more wobbly by the day. :( Thanks for the help! I'll try skipping it when I water and cross my fingers!

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