Is Your To-Go Cup Compostable?

sustainable living
Keep checking, because Solo (a leading supplier of disposable food and beverage containers) have just added a compostable paper cold cup to their eco-forward Bare line. The cup is made of 50% renewable resource materials and lined in wax. These cups are not just recyclable, they are compostable. You can toss them in your compost bin and let your garden benefit from them in a few months time. Imagine all those disposable cups in landfills and on the side of the road. Maybe one day they will all be compostable too- which would insure speedy breakdown in nature without damaging our eco-system. Thanks to the innovative minds at Solo, this is one more step in that direction.

Ask your favorite restaurants and food shops to do their part by choosing containers from Solo's Bare line. Solo also offers their Bare line for consumer purchase. Ask your local grocer to carry them!


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