The Ultimate Rewards Program That Turns Your Trash Into Cash

I love rewards programs, especially those that reward you for doing something you would already be doing anyway! One of my latest obsessions is Swagbucks. It's a search engine powered by Google that randomly rewards you with "Swagbucks" while searching. Sometimes you get 1 swagbuck, sometimes 5. You save up your bucks and then trade them in for great prizes. The prize list gets longer by the day- there are so many things you can get! But I am in it for the gift cards. More specifically- the Target gift cards. I love it because it's easy, organized, and I'm searching every day anyway. I may as well get something for it right?!

Well, I recently discovered an even cooler program called RecycleBank. RecycleBank is a recycling program that rewards you with points for every pound of materials recycled. You build up points and redeem them with your choice of over 1000 retailers! It is a brilliant idea that not only rewards those that are already recycling, but inspires those who never bothered to make the extra effort. It also encourages those "part time" recyclers to be more shrewd with their trash. I love everything about this idea, but unfortunately it is not yet available in my area. They are , however, growing very fast and adding new municipalities regularly. I've signed up to be notified when they do come to my area.

Check them out. They may be in your area already! AND IF THEY AREN'T, write to the powers that be in your municipality asking them to partner with RecycleBank. The more requests they get, the more they'll be pressured to respond!


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