My Virtual Climb Against the Odds is Today!

This morning I will be taking my steps in Memorial Park to support the cancer prevention work of The Breast Cancer Fund. The weather, though a tad on the hot and steamy side, is perfect. I still need some sponsors. Who am I kidding? I am desperate for sponsors! My goal was to raise $250 (not a very lofty goal) and so far I have raised an entire $5 (which was donated by yours truly). If you support The Breast Cancer Fund's mission of preventing breast cancer through the elimination of environmental causes, please visit my fundraising page on their website and make a donation. Even if it is for $3, it helps. That's the price of a latte!

I will be posting pics of my 3 mile trek when I get home this evening. Thanks everyone for your support!

If you would like to learn more about the valuable work of The Breast Cancer fund just check out their website! These guys are the real deal and need support from people like us!


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