My Organic Herb Garden

I want so badly to have a green thumb, and over the past three years I have gotten better. I have actually managed to keep an average of 70% of my plants alive (as opposed to my past record- about 95% actually shrivelling at my touch.) My gardening skills seemed to start improving when I got pregnant in 2006. (Think that's a coincidence?) The houseplants I received when Eibhlinn was born are still thriving. (Another big success for me.) I am now in the process of planning my organic vegetable and fruit garden, but before I make that leap I want to make sure I have what it takes- that two months out I won't be left with nothing but dirt and weeds.

I have some sage on my patio that miraculously survived the winter and is growing like crazy, so I thought I would try my hand at an herb garden first. I use a lot of herbs in cooking and usually end up buying dried because organic fresh can get pricey. I always have so much left over that then just rots in my produce drawer.

I picked up some basil, cilantro and dill last week. Today I planted Thyme (smells delicious) and chives. So far so good! I have a wonderful large, deep window in front of my sink that offers the perfect light and space for all of my tiny pots. I hope this little experiment goes well, because as much as I like the idea of growing my own organic goods, I love the look of them more!

Any organic gardeners out there? Your helpful comments and advice are very welcome!


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