All Terrain Responds to My Review of Herbal Armor

I recently posted my review (Itching for Autumn) of All Terrain's Herbal Armor Natural Insect Repellent. Although I admittedly loved the product and found it effective, I gave it an A- for having some issues with the pump on the bottle and for needing to reapply more often than the bottle claimed.
I recently received a response to my review from All Terrain, addressing both of these issues.

Regarding the pump, they wrote, "The pump does seem to get "clogged" sometimes due to our formulation. We have tried reformulating to make a "thinner" product, but it did not test to be 100% effective against mosquitoes for 120 minutes (as our original formulation does.)" I hope they don't change a thing. If a quirky pump is all that stands between me and mosquito free bliss, I'm good!

In my review I stated, "It does not have the staying power that it claims. You should be prepared to reapply every hour or so, depending on how much you are sweating." This concerned them, as they have not found this to be true in their clinical studies. These studies fully back up their claims of 120 minutes of mosquito protection and allow them to offer a full money back guarantee on this product. To that I blush. Maybe I suffer from Hyperhidrosis! Or maybe I just need to be a little more thorough in my application next time.

Whichever the case, All Terrain stands by the integrity of their product and I find that uncommonly refreshing.


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