Method Baby Squeaky Green Bubbly Bath Product Review

Like most two year olds, my daughter Olivia loves bubble baths. She would stay in one all day if she could- even when her hands and feet "get all frinkly." I stopped using the main brands of bubble bath a few months back (including Johnson & Johnson's) when I realized they were making her irritated. (Of course, they were on their way out anyway because they weren't natural.)

After her complaining enough times at the sudden disappearance of bubbles, I picked up a few natural products at the store to try. One of these products was Method's Squeaky Green Bubbly Bath, which I then tested on two very persnickety toddlers- Olivia and her cousin.

Here's their review:

What we love:

  • The smell! Smells so much like yummy marshmallow we decided to taste the bubbles.

  • Makes lots of bubbles! When they started to go away we turned the water on and they came back!

  • The cute bottle. It looks like a toy and it's easy for us to squeeze out more bubbles!!

  • Gentle. Didn't dry out our skin or irritate us.

What we don't love:

  • The taste. We recommend not eating the bubbles. They do not taste as good as they smell. (I tried to tell them...)

My review:

What I love:

  • All the above.

  • That it is 99% natural and completely biodegradable.

  • Not tested on animals.

  • Hypo-allergenic

  • The company is so cool! Check out their wonderful website and fun blog! Very informative without being preachy. Also, all ingredients to every product are clearly given on this site for those who are curious. No secrets here. These guys really want to make a difference.

What I don't love:

  • The bottle. It is super cute- which means my daughter will want to squeeze it and play with it and make more bubbles- making it near impossible to get her out of the bath without a semi-melt down. But, every good thing has its price right?

Overall? A+ Good clean fun can smell good too!


Rebecca said...

Wow, my 8 year old daughter will be thrilled! (We discontinued bubble baths many years ago due to irritation.)
Thanks, Beth!

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