Who Turned Out the Lights?


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I stopped by my local Target yesterday, as I do almost every day, much to the disapproval of my husband and our bank account. I always get a giddy feeling walking through their doors, being met by the woosh of cool air, the bright, clean colorful displays, their friendly "team members," the smell of fresh popcorn and that blessed dollar isle. Yesterday, however, something was different. I couldn't quite put my finger on it until a light went off in my head- or above my head more accurately. The whole store was dimly lit. Not so much that it felt dark, just noticeably dimmer.

After a nice chat with friendly store manager Richard, I learned that it was a result of one of Target's many corporate green initiatives. On days that they expect their store's energy consumption to increase by 100% they take action by turning off half of their lights and reducing their AC usage by half. Yesterday was such a day, and I expect the first of many as Houston races full throttle into summer. I did not actually notice any change in temperature, the low lighting was actually quite soothing and I was left with yet one more reason to love this company. It makes me feel a little better about the unbelievably large portion of my budget that I allocate to them each month.

You can read more about Target's commitment to environmental responsibility on their website.


oneordinaryday said...

That's good to hear. I have been wanting to snag the manager of my favorite Target to suggest the window washers stop using paper towels to wash the windows. It makes me cringe to see the rolls they carry under their arms while they're doing it. Wouldn't a squeegee be better?

Beth @ Spots On My Apples said...

That's a good suggestion. You should tell them. They seem to be always looking for greener ways to do things. Thanks for the great comment!

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