Focus Friday

Focus Friday

As we wrap up this week, I am going over in my mind what I accomplished. Not nearly as much as I had hoped- but isn't that always the case? I stuck with the diet portion of P90X. Yes- I'm trying to go extreme. The workouts are still a little too extreme for me, so I find myself coming up with "more important" things to take up my day, and then before I know it there's no time left for my workout! (Why do I do that?! Isn't that how I got out of shape to begin with??)

I did modified workouts the other three days, but that's just not going to cut it. I am proud of how well I have managed to stick with the planned menu. My has husband helped a lot on that front, cooking a few meals and picking up groceries. I had no popcorn binges and the only cheat I had was two glasses of wine and some finger foods on Tuesday evening at a friend's jewelry party. (And it was sooooo good.)

I sourced more products for my store, The Spotted Apple (which will be opening on July 4th!) and I finished a book. (I am trying to read 3-4 books a month. It's not always easy, but always enjoyable.)

Thrifty and Chic Mom has a great weekly tradition. Every Friday she recaps her week and makes a list of things she wants to accomplish the next week. It's like a weekly review of New Year's resolutions with a few specific tasks thrown in. She invites all of us to join in. I love the idea, so I will be participating and I hope all of you will too!

This coming week I want to:

  • Submit three articles to publications
  • Clean out my guest room
  • Order product for The Spotted Apple
  • Finish one more book
  • Take the girls to the splash pad or pool at least twice (they deserve it!)

All of that while sticking with my diet and exercise plan!

Now it's your turn! Think about what you want to accomplish this coming week and share your top 3-5 things in a comment! Hopefully this will be a nice source of accountability for us all. When it's out there in writing there's a stronger sense of commitment. Can't wait to hear from y'all!


Rebecca said...

This week I want to:
1. Spend at least 1 day at the office.
2. Put together the monthly bill spreadsheet my husband has been begging me for.
3. Re-pot the herbs that are dying on my kitchen windowsill. and,
4. Spend at least an hour cleaning out my spare room.
Wow, when I write them down, these things I've been dreading really don't seem all that daunting!
Thanks, Beth!

Kris said...

Your list is a little more ambitious than mine I do believe lol...happy Friday...hope to see you over at my blog!

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