Get Out of Hot Water

Last week I blogged about my favorite laundry detergent which is made by Seventh Generation. Though their products are great, I am beginning to wonder if I don't love the company even more! They support a ton of worthwhile charities and are constantly taking action by hosting their own brilliant campaigns. This one is no exception.

The Get Out of Hot Water campaign educates consumers on how much energy they consume by just using hot and warm water to wash their laundry, and invites everyone to take a cold water pledge.

As mentioned in my review, their detergent is specially formulated to work best with cold water, and it truly does. To understand the impact this can have on your wallet and on the environment, they have provided this nifty calculator on their website.

According to their calculations, by using cold water instead of warm/hot, in one year I am saving:
764.4 kWh
1682 lbs. CO2

Every little helps right?!

Check it out and see how much you could be saving, and while you're there take the pledge. It's these small changes that will add up to a big difference.

Thanks Seventh Generation!


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