Saying NO to Triclosan- Make Your Voice Heard to the EPA Today


Our concerns over the anti-bacterial chemical Triclosan finally have an outlet thanks to The Breast Cancer Fund. They have organized a quick one-click process on their website that everyone can use to contact the EPA and ask them to re-examine Triclosan now.

Take a moment now to make your voice heard!

Thanks to CleanWell for blogging about this and keeping us well informed! If the dangers of Triclosan are a concern of yours, spread the word. The more concerned citizens the EPA hears from, the better!


Kathy Dolan said...

Beth, thanks for blogging about triclosan. Food & Water Watch is also working with The Breast Cancer Fund & CleanWell to get triclosan out of our personal care products.

If you'd like to lean more about our triclosan campaign please visit our website:

Kathy, Food & Water Watch

Beth @ Spots On My Apples said...

Thanks Kathy for the information on your campaign. I'll spread the word!

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