MOP Lemongrass Shampoo

Two months ago a crazy idea popped into my head. My husband would argue that this is a regular occurrence, but this idea involved drastically altering my appearance- something we women tend to take very very seriously. After reading an article about donating hair to charities that make natural wigs for cancer patients my mind was made up. My hair- long, silky, straight and reaching halfway down my back- had to go.
Over cocktails my girlfriends, sister and I flipped through a hairstyle magazine in search of the perfect short cut for me. Two Mai-tai's later we had found the style- one we were all equally excited about (of course they had nothing to risk- it was my hair). I made the appointment with my stylist the next morning and three days later I walked out of the salon with my new hair. I loved it. A completely different me. Fun, playful- yes, it would do nicely. I needed some new shampoo- my old, gunked up half empty bottle sitting in a puddle on my shower floor would not do for the glorious christening of my new hair- so my sister and I stopped by the Ulta to have a look around.
Ahhh- product heaven. Isles and isles of beautifying serums, creams and suds. I am a beauty product junkie. It has been extra difficult to restrict my salon purchases in my ongoing effort to greenify my life. The supply of salon quality natural/organic hair care products has been surprisingly lacking- until now. Suddenly, as I passed the OPI spring promotional, angels sang and a bright light shone down from the ceiling. (Ok, so it was more like Sarah McLachlan over the store speakers and a flickering ceiling light, but inspiring non the less.) I had found the organic products. I decided to investigate, and found one that I liked the look of. I laid down my $15.14 (ouch) and took my 10.15 Fl. oz. bottle home. (Double ouch.) I comforted myself with the thought that my new hair would not require much shampoo. Perhaps I could squeeze a couple of months out of it. And it just so happens, I did. Here's my review:

mop Lemongrass Shampoo for Fine Hair

What I love:

  • The smell is light and fresh.

  • It is not heavy and does not way down my hair.

  • Does not leave my hair dull.

  • Leaves strands feeling squeaky clean.

  • Is gentle on the scalp. I can have a sensitive scalp, yet have not experienced any flaking or scalp acne in the two months I have been using the product.

  • A little goes a long way. Sometimes when my hair is extra dirty and greasy I have to wash it twice to get it thoroughly clean, but not with this shampoo. One wash does the job every time.

  • They do not test on animals.

What I don't love:

  • It does not live up to its promises of "plumping up hair strands" quite as much as other products do. However, I have experienced a notable increase in body and honestly, to me it is enough. The benefits of the above make it a fair trade-off to me.

  • Price. This is a common negative point in most organic products and one I am going to have to learn to swallow. That said, many non-organic salon products cost even more so I suppose it could be worse. And you do get a lot of quality for the price. As with most things, you will save buying this product from an on-line retailer.

Overall? I give it an A. I am happy with it and will be trying more of their products soon.

Here are a few deals I found on line for this product:

$11.99 at

$11.21 at

$11.90 at or test it out before you commit- only $2.81 for 1.7 fl. oz. travel size.


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